Igalia is the top consultancy in open source browsers, with the most expertise found in the consulting business. We play an essential role in several open web platform projects such as Chromium/Blink, WebKit (WPE & WebKitGTK), Firefox and Servo.

Igalia is an involved and trusted partner in developing all areas of the web platform.

Our developers have the most combined expertise, related to all aspects of the web platform, in the consulting business. We are active and trusted committers and strong partners with each of the three big browser projects: Chromium, WebKit and Gecko/Servo, and the maintainers of some official products: WebKit WPE, WebKitGTK, as well as the flagship Web browser (Epiphany).

Igalia has been working on all aspects of the open web platform since 2009. In 2019 we were the second largest contributor to WebKit (after Apple), the second largest contributor to Chromium (after Google) and in the top 10 contributors to Mozilla’s Servo.

We are active at all stages, from specification to implementation and active participants in several standards bodies (W3C, WHATWG, ECMA/TC39, IETF, Kronos). This allows us the ability to help both businesses and standards in several unique ways. CSS Grid is a single such example: Igalia was able to help bring one of the best and most popular features to the modern platform thanks to funding help from Bloomberg. Igalia is the ideal partner if you need to fix existing issues, add new features or implement standards on any of the different rendering or JavaScript engines.

Prioritization to do the work traditionally prevents a lot of things from moving forward in web standards. Igalia helps strike a better balance by enabling businesses to play an important and more concrete role. This is good because ultimately, both business and standards at large benefit when more organizations are able to help prioritize and contribute to the development of the commons. To enable this, we have a key number of experienced developers working in critical areas of each of the browser projects such as the GStreamer media backend, the Cairo 2D graphics library, the Libsoup network backend, the accessibility layers and the Wayland backends. Igalia has even been a close partner and played a significant role in a major rearchitecture of Chromium.

Some examples of how Igalia helps standards and businesses

  • Thanks to our work with Bloomberg Tech, we have helped to bring many interesting and exciting CSS, DOM and JavaScript features to the Web Platform: CSS Grid, BigInt, and Class Fields to name a few.

  • Thanks to our work with WebKit, we were able to create WPE WebKit, an official port of WebKit that is highly optimized for low-power and resource constrained devices. Thanks to interest in this port from our business partners, we are able to upstream many improvements to the wider WebKit community, for example by leading the effort to modernize SVG rendering by taking full advantage of hardware acceleration.

  • After 25 years of efforts from the MathML community to bring universal support to browsers, Igalia, with funding from numerous sources (including substantial internal investment) stepped in. We brought our expertise in both standardization and implementation to lead the specification work necessary (definition of MathML Core) and provide both the final implementation in Chromium as well as helping other engines align with good interoperability.

  • Thanks to our partnership with the AMP project, we have managed Web Predictability efforts aimed at keeping browsers aligned with important innovations where business priorities differ: ResizeObserver, pre-loading for responsive images, lazy loading for images and aspect ratios are just a few.

Embedded Web Engines

In addition to our work in web engines, we have considerable experience in creating, maintaining, and optimizing browsers to meet the tough requirements of embedded devices. This allows us to help your company to maximize your hardware’s performance in order to smoothly run a web environment. With the increasing momentum of web based interfaces, the selection of the proper solution and the custom optimizations for the target platforms are key for the success of your product.

We are working on:

Webkit Chromium Firefox


Web Platform


Igalia offers a wide range of services around the open web:

  • Web engines customization, in which we adapt engines to different hardware platforms and allow embedders to provide the best web experience possible.
  • Implementation of new standards and features on the different open source web browsers, leveraging our consolidated position in the different communities.
  • Maintenance of downstream forks of the more popular web engines, defining the proper rebase strategy to stay close to upstream development.
  • Help with the upstreaming strategy by assisting communication between our customers’ teams and the relevant actors in the community.

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