Igalia is the top consultancy in open source browsers, with the most expertise found in the consulting business. We play an essential role in several open web platform projects such as Chromium/Blink, WebKit (WPE & WebKitGTK+), Firefox and Servo.


Igalia has been working on the open web platform since 2009, and has contributed actively to WebKit throughout the years. We are currently the second contributor in number of commits and reviews after Apple, and therefore the leading independent consultancy in WebKit. We have a key number of experienced developers working in critical areas of the project such as the GStreamer media backend, the Cairo 2D graphics library, the Libsoup network backend, and the TAC accessibility layer.

We are the maintainers of two official Webkit ports: WebKitGTK+ that provides a high quality API for embedded based on the GNOME platform, and WPE, a more lightweight port that we have created and designed to maximize performance on low-end devices.


Igalia has also been very active in the Chromium project, contributing extensively to the Blink engine and to other areas of Google’s browser project. As a result of our engineers’ involvement, we currently have several active committers and owners for different parts of the codebase.

Our upstream Chromium work includes the Chromium on Wayland project. Aligning with the long-term goals of the community, Igalia is leading the project to develop the Ozone Wayland backend in order to bring Chromium to new platforms and devices.


We also have a presence in the Firefox community, including contributions to the Gecko and Servo engines. During the last several years, we have been collaborating with Mozilla on the development of new features.

Our experience with understanding complex stacking rules and working on the graphics stack has allowed us to push forward the WebRender implementation in Gecko and to rework the Servo display list to handle CSS clipping and stacking contexts.

Web Platform

Igalia is a long-time contributor to the open web platform community, having created and implemented different W3C and WHATWG standards. For example, we are the implementors of the new CSS Grid Layout specification in the Chromium and WebKit projects.

Igalia is the ideal partner if you want to fix existing issues, add new features or implement standards on the different open source rendering engines: Blink, WebKit and Gecko/Servo.

Our engineers are equipped with the essentials for this kind of development. Specifically, they have solid backgrounds in technologies from web rendering engines to JavaScript compilers, and have contacts and positions in the relevant communities and standard bodies.

Embedded Web Engines

In addition to our work in web engines, we have considerable experience in creating, maintaining, and optimizing browsers to meet the tough requirements of embedded devices. This allows us to help your company to maximize your hardware’s performance in order to smoothly run a web environment. With the increasing momentum of web based interfaces, the selection of the proper solution and the custom optimizations for the target platforms are key for the success of your product.

Webkit Chromium Firefox

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Igalia offers a wide range of services around the open web:

  • Web engines customization, in which we adapt engines to different hardware platforms and allow embedders to provide the best web experience possible.
  • Implementation of new standards and features on the different open source web browsers, leveraging our consolidated position in the different communities.
  • Maintenance of downstream forks of the more popular web engines, defining the proper rebase strategy to stay close to upstream development.
  • Help with the upstreaming strategy by assisting communication between our customers’ teams and the relevant actors in the community.

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