Chromium is a well-known open source web browser project started by Google. Igalia engineers have extensive experience on the Chromium project and have several owners and committers within our team. Our position and contacts in the community place Igalia as the most qualified consultancy to help you with your Chromium needs.

Igalia and the Chromium project

Our contributions to the Chromium project have been numerous over the years. We have comprehensive experience in implementing new features, designing new web runtimes and browsers, adapting and customizing Chromium to our clients’ needs, and keeping Chromium forks up-to-date.

Igalia leads the development of many big features, such as the implementation of the CSS grid layout web standard or Ozone’s new Wayland backend implementation, which are aligned with the long-term development goals of the Chromium community. In particular, we have been focusing on integrating the GPU rendering pipeline within Ozone-Wayland and in providing full windowing integration.

We work in adapting Chromium to the needs of specific devices and software platforms. For instance, we have ported Chromium to Renesas R-Car boards and integrated it with software stacks like Automotive Grade Linux and the GENIVI Development Platform.

For years, Igalia has been helping our customers in maintaining their Chromium forks by executing frequent rebases over new Chromium releases. Igalia also assists clients in reducing their codebase’s delta by upstreaming some of their customizations, upon reaching agreements with the web browsers community. Our extensive knowledge of the codebase and close following of Chromium release channels make us the right partner to keep up-to-date with upstream evolution.

In the area of web runtimes and the design of new Chromium browsers, our team has contributed to WAM, the LG webOS web runtime, which is used in smart TVs, wearables, and even home appliances. The team is now working on expanding its usage to other industries, such as the automotive sector.

We have also worked on related projects such as V8, Chromium’s JavaScript engine, where our compilers team has been working on many JavaScript language features.

Active contributors to upstream Chromium

Igalia works closely with upstream open source projects. Several project members are trusted members of the community with several years’ experience contributing to the Chromium project.

We can be responsible for implementing new features directly upstream, or for helping to move third-party downstream changes into the Chromium project. For this purpose, we either can work hand-in-hand with your browsers development team to reduce the delta, or we can do it on our own, depending on the specific situation.

All in all, Igalia is the foremost consultancy in Chromium and we can help in aligning your browser strategy with Chromium upstream. In this regard, our long trajectory of contributions and excellent relationships with the Chromium community, demonstrated by our regular participation in BlinkOn and other browsers events, vouch for us.



Igalia is the leading external consultancy around the Chromium project, with many upstream contributions.

  • Igalia is a major contributor and maintainer for several areas of the codebase, such as CSS Grid Layout and Ozone-Wayland.
  • Our team has ported Chromium to specific hardware platforms, such as Renesas R-Car boards, and integrated with software stacks, such as Automotive Grade Linux or the GENIVI Development Platform.
  • Igalia maintains and updates Chromium forks to the latest Chromium versions.
  • Igalia leads the development of web runtimes based on Chromium.
  • Our engineers have improved Chromium performance, memory consumption, and browser architecture.

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