Igalia is an open source consultancy specialized in the development of innovative projects and solutions.

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Igalia 21/05/2019

The 25th Biannual Igalia Summit Will Take Place in May!

Igalians will gather in Galicia

Igalia 14/05/2019

Igalia’s 2019 Coding Experience

Igalia is looking for candidates for its 2019 Coding Experience Program

Igalia 07/05/2019

May 2019 Events

Upcoming Events for Igalia

Igalia 30/04/2019

AGL Meeting May 7-9

AGL meeting hosted by Igalia May 7-9

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Adrián Pérez 21/05/2019

WPE WebKit 2.24

While WPE WebKit 2.24 has now been out for a couple of months, it includes over a year of development effort since our first official release.

Alicia Boya 14/05/2019

validateflow: A new tool to test GStreamer pipelines

It has been a while since GstValidate has been available. GstValidate has made it easier to write integration tests that check that playback and transcoding executing actions (like seeking, changing subtitle tracks, etc…) work as expected; testing...

Philippe Normand 08/04/2019

Introducing WPEQt, a WPE API for Qt5

WPEQt provides a QML plugin implementing an API very similar to the QWebView API. This blog post explains the rationale behind this new project aimed for QtWebKit users. Qt5 already provides multiple WebView APIs, one based on QtWebKit...

Maksim Sisov 27/02/2019

Review of Igalia’s Chromium team’s activities (2018/H2).

A first semiyearly report, which overviews our Chromium team’s activities and accomplishments, focusing on the activity of the second semester of year 2018. Contributions to the Chromium mainline repository: Ozone/Wayland support in Chromium...

Browsers and client-side web technologies

We have the most WebKit, Chromium/Blink and Firefox expertise found in the consultancy business, including many reviewers and committers.

What We Do


 Igalia innovates in multiple specific areas to deliver the best Open Source technologies and solutions to its customers. We focus on client-side web technologies including WebKitWPE and Chromium/Blink, JavaScript engines, optimization of graphical pipelines, Multimedia, the Linux kernel, Accessibility and more.


 Our expertise and specialization in relevant domains comes from our work on a wide set of platforms and software distributions. From embedded Linux to Android and from desktop to embedded, our work and contributions are present in almost anything running on top of a Linux kernel.