Igalia has a team specialized in hypervisors, system virtualization and cloud technologies.


Igalia has many years of experience with the QEMU project and is one of its most active corporate contributors. We have worked on QEMU’s block layer by adding features and fixing problems for cloud scenarios, and have also worked on the emulation of new hardware.

We have made many upstream contributions to the I/O layer and in particular to qcow2, QEMU’s native file format. These contributions include:

  • Improved caching algorithm, to increase the performance and reduce the memory requirements.

  • Group-based I/O limits for virtual hard drives.

  • Configurable I/O bursts in a way similar to Amazon’s Elastic Block Storage.

  • Extended I/O accounting features, allowing the user to obtain better statistics of a VM’s disk usage.

  • And many other features and performance improvements.

In addition, Igalia has worked on the emulation of new hardware boards and a new bus (IndustryPack).


Igalia contributes code upstream to the Ceph project and other cloud technologies.

We have contributed to the RADOS gateway. Some examples include, the AWS4 S3 authentication algorithm and the AWS S3 requester pays bucket. Igalia has also worked on the integration of Apache Libcloud and Ansible with Ceph.

Beyond designing, developing and upstreaming new code features in the upcoming Ceph releases, Igalia works on bugfixing tasks, backporting, interoperability issues and daily code maintenance together with the required QA and testing efforts.

We are working on:





Igalia offers services for your cloud and virtualization requirements, including:

  • Emulation of new hardware for virtual machines and writing the device drivers.

  • Implementation of new features and solving existing problems in QEMU.
  • Optimization of performance and hardware requirements for your virtual machines.

  • Design and development of new features on Ceph upstream.
  • Support for the deployment and integration of your Ceph operations in order to keep your storage cluster healthy and running.

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