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"Igalians will deliver talks at FOSDEM and Vulkanized 2024"

After a brief holiday break, we’re back with conference news for the coming month. In February, Igalians will be presenting talks at two conferences.

  • FOSDEM 2024, February 3–4 — a free and no-registration-needed conference held annually in Brussels, Belgium for open source software developers, where we’ll present:

    We’ll also be showing off the latest advances in Servo at the Linux Foundation Europe booth; and the NLnet Foundation, a sponsor of both Servo and Wolvic, will have a booth there as well. Please drop in to both to see what’s new!

  • Vulkanized 2024, February 5–7 — “a unique technical event that brings the Vulkan developer community together” in Sunnyvale, California, that will feature two talks by Igalians:
    • Stéphane Cerveau, “Implementing a Vulkan Video Encoder From Mesa to GStreamer”
    • Iago Toral, “8 Years of Open Drivers, including the State of Vulkan in Mesa”

We always enjoy talking with people at events, so if you’ll be there for any of the above shows, please take a moment to say hi! And if you have any questions regarding any of our appearances, are interested in having us bring a talk to an upcoming event, or you’d just like to learn more about Igalia, please feel free to reach out.