Igalia is an experienced JavaScript virtual machine engineering consultancy working on both new language feature design and implementation, and porting, embedding and optimizing JavaScript engines. We have contributed to V8, JavaScriptCore, ChakraCore and SpiderMonkey.

Igalia and TC39

Igalia is highly active in creating the next JavaScript in TC39. An Igalian serves as vice-chair of the committee, and we have been leading the development of features such as BigInt, private fields, and an internationalization library. In the standardization area, Igalia works with implementors and the broader JavaScript community to evolve the language in a direction which satisfies all requirements and constraints. Igalia writes Test262 conformance tests for new features, which accelerate the compatible implementation of the feature by several JavaScript engines.

Implementing new JavaScript language features

Igalia played a key role in implementing ECMAScript language features such as generators, iterators, arrow functions, and async/await in V8, JavaScriptCore (JSC) or SpiderMonkey. Following the implementation of these features, Igalia has continued to maintain them upstream. For example, we have made significant optimizations of Promises and async/await in V8 and fixed any issues as they are reported. Currently, we are implementing BigInt in SpiderMonkey and JSC.

Porting JavaScript engines to embedded platforms

Igalia maintains the MIPS and ARMv7 ports of JSC, including their support in the optimizing compiler (JIT). The JIT has been found to be critical for performance, based on benchmarks of interactive performance of client applications. Maintenance of these ports over time is important in order to keep up-to-date with improvements in performance, security and features from upstream developments.

Active contributors to open source compilers

Through all of our work on JavaScript, Igalia works closely with upstream open source projects. Several project members are trusted committers to the projects they are contributing to, based on the experience of collaboration over several years.

Our work on JavaScript is informed by our team’s experience in other languages and compilers including Python, Scheme, Ruby, LuaJIT, GCC, LLVM, GDB, WebAssembly and Factor.

JavaScript TC39 V8

JavaScript, JIT Compilers, V8, JavaScriptCore, SpiderMonkey, ChakraCore, ECMAScript, TC39, Test262


JavaScript is, by some measures, the most widely used programming language today. Igalia is a full-stack provider of JavaScript solutions for your requirements, spanning:

  • Design and standardization of new language features in TC39, the organization which defines the JavaScript programming language.
  • Implementation of features in the JavaScript engines which back the major web browsers and Node.js.
  • Porting and maintenance of JavaScript implementations to particular customer platforms.
  • Embedding JavaScript engines in applications.
  • Optimization of JavaScript implementations, with techniques spanning deep compiler changes to tweaking the use of the embedding API.

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