Igalia has a strong team with experience in the multimedia stack on both desktop environments and embedded devices. GStreamer, the reference framework for Linux-based multimedia, hosts many of our contributions to different layers of the stack from the kernel up to the end-user application.

GStreamer consultancy

GStreamer is the framework of choice for Linux-based multimedia and it has been powering multimedia embedded solutions for many years now. Our multimedia team includes many experienced GStreamer developers who are very familiar with the framework internals and contribute to its core and to many of its plugins.

Web engines integration

We are the main developers and maintainers of the GStreamer-based multimedia back-ends of WebKit that are used by several of its ports, including WebkitGTK+ and WPE. Since 2009 we have been working on various GStreamer WebKit back-ends, including HTML5 video playback support, WebAudio, WebRTC and MSE (Media Source Extensions).

Hardware acceleration

We also have experience in bringing hardware acceleration to GStreamer via writing plugins and infrastructure required to use hardware accelerated multimedia, such as the case of asymmetric processing of media using multiple cores. We are the maintainers of the gstreamer-vaapi GStreamer plugins which provide hardware-accelerated encoding/decoding support for most Intel-based platforms and some AMD-based GPUs as well. In addition, we also work on OpenMAX GStreamer support for platforms such as the Raspberry Pi, and many other multimedia devices through the GStreamer Video4Linux plugins.

Other frameworks

Igalia is experienced in integrating other multimedia frameworks and libraries into GStreamer, and exposing their functionality inside the GStreamer framework.

This also means that we could offer consulting services in those other open source multimedia libraries and frameworks independently of GStreamer in order to develop custom applications with them or even improve them.

Examples of these frameworks and libraries include ffmpeg, Video4Linux, libwebrtc, libva, and Intel’s MediaSDK.


GStreamer consultancy, Media backend applications, Media Players, WebKit Multimedia, VAAPI, GStreamer OpenMAX, V4L2, WebRTC, MSE, WebAudio


Igalia can help you build top-notch solutions for media centers and players, targeting TV, Set-top boxes and other multimedia enabled devices based on open source technologies. Our multimedia team services include:

  • Implementation of new features in GStreamer by contributing upstream to its core and plugins.
  • Development and integration of GStreamer-based multimedia back-ends of different web browser engines.
  • Improving performance on the multimedia stack by providing hardware acceleration solutions.
  • Integration of different multimedia libraries on open source projects.

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