Brian Kardell

Brian Kardell

Helping improve the future Web.

Pittsburgh (USA)

I came to the Web in a very roundabout way in the mid-nineties as an apprentice for an illustrator. I was interested in being able to share the art that I was creating. It wasn’t long before the Web became my primary interest and I left art behind. In the past few years,I have picked up the love of drawing and painting again, which I also now share via social media,thanks to the Web.

I am very interested in how we make standards, and how we can adapt to better engage and empower developers to do good things. I have worked to collaborate with people from many areas in the Web community and advocated for changes to how we think about and create Web standards. Some of these changes have happened through blogging, discussions, and helping start the Extensible Web movement, the Web Incubator Community Group, the Houdini Task Force and other outreach efforts. I believe that we can do better together and I am very happy to be able to able to continue this work.