Igalia is a Free Software consultancy with headquarters in Spain and an extended network of collaborators from around the world. We are passionate about our work, active in our communities, eager to learn, and happy to contribute our knowledge. In short, we are inspired to make the world a better place through Free Software.


Igalia's commitment to equality, software freedom, and collaborative innovation guides us in everything we do.

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Inclusion and Diversity

We believe that it’s vitally important to build a diverse and inclusive company and culture.

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Social Responsibility

Igalia is committed to supporting the communities to which we belong, promoting their growth through participation, education, and financial support.

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Professional Responsibility

Igalia's work is based on agile and transparent project management, quality, and third-party certifications.

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Igalia History

Igalia was founded in September 2001 in A Coruña, Spain, by a group of ten young software professionals. They were inspired by their experience in free software, and shared the goal of creating a free software company based on cooperation, innovation, and shared responsibility.

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Consortia and Associations

The communities surrounding open source solutions are essential to ensuring these technologies thrive. For this reason, Igalia and its engineers are active members and supporters of the communities in which they work.

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Press Center

A place to get Igalia brand assets for news stories and other posts, guidelines on how to use the Iglaia logo, and a concise overview and history of Igalia in PDF form.

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