Igalia is defined by its members, all of whom play an active role both in managing our day-to-day operations and in setting our long-term direction. We have a flat, cooperative structure through which we share tasks and responsibilities evenly, and all decisions are made by our Assembly where each member has a voice and a vote.

Software freedom

Igalia is devoted to creating and delivering free software solutions because we believe both in the freedoms free software guarantees and in its superiority as a means to share knowledge and foster creativity and innovation. Thus projects in which software is openly and freely licensed will be given top priority.

Collaborative innovation

Igalia was born from the recognition that technological innovation based on collaboration with stakeholders is the best way to empower all individuals to achieve their goals. For this reason, members of Igalia are encouraged to specialize in the cutting-edge areas which inspire them personally, and to be active members of their communities, helping others to master these skills so that they, too, can contribute.