Samuel Iglesias

Samuel Iglesias

I achieved my dream of contributing to Free software as my daily job when I joined Igalia in 2012.

Grado (Spain)

I am free software and open hardware supporter interested in the lower layers of the GNU/Linux software stack. I’m member of Free Software associations like FSF, FSFE, GPUL and AsturLiNUX where I try to promote Free Software in all type of events, no matter if they are local or international.

I am currently working on developing open-source OpenGL and Vulkan graphics drivers for Intel GPUs inside the Mesa project and contributing to Conformance Test Suite as a Khronos member. On top of that, I am the maintainer of Industry pack drivers in the Linux kernel.

Outside the computer world, I like both playing and watching football, sci-fi movies and traveling specially if I can taste new dishes.