During Igalia’s first years, it became an active contributor to the GNOME ecosystem, and started doing R&D activities. In 2003, Igalia released Fisterra, an open source ERP solution built with GNOME technology. As a result, Igalia received a prize recognizing it as the most innovative company in Galicia, the region of Spain in which Igalia is based.

From 2005-2010, Igalia’s involvement in GNOME, Freedesktop.org, and related communities continually increased. In 2005, when mobile platforms like Maemo, Moblin, and LiMo adopted GNOME technology, Igalia became an important contributor to several key projects, including Linux, GNOME, Freedesktop.org, Qt, and WebKit.

Since 2010, Igalia has become the world’s leading web engines consultancy, and has been a top contributor to the WebKit and Chromium projects. Thanks to our excellent work, Igalia has since been accepted as a member of associations including the W3C, GENIVI, Automotive Grade Linux, the Khronos Group, and ECMA International.

Igalia is a global company, working with customers all over the world. Our team spans timezones and cultures, with employees based in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Continuing to fulfill its founding vision, Igalia maintains a constant and relevant presence in many upstream projects, such as WebKit, Chromium, Mesa 3D, GStreamer, and Servo, just to name a few.