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"Igalians will be at five events and present nearly two dozen talks and workshops"

Last month was a high-water mark in terms of the number of events we attended, so this month is a bit of reduction: we’ll be at just five events in October 2023, down from September’s eight. What we may lack in event frequency, though, we’re going to more than make up for in talks given! Here’s what we have on tap for October:

  • LLVM Developers’ Meeting, October 10-12 – Luke Lau will present a talk titled “Vector codegen in the RISC-V backend”.
  • Eclipsecon, October 16-19Rakhi Sharma will deliver a lightning talk on Servo, and Igalia will also have a booth to show off Servo.
  • XDC 2023, October 17-19 – this is the big one! Hosted by Igalia in our home town of A Coruña, we’ll be presenting two workshops, eight breakout talks, and four lightning talks. The workshops:
    • Melissa Wen, “KMS API color management workshop”
    • Eric Engestrom with Martin Roukala, “CI workshop: Set up your bare-metal test farm in under 2h”

    For the breakout talks, we have:

    And the lightning talks:

    As you can see, there will be a lot of us there at XDC, so please feel free to say hello and chat about the talks, what Igalia does, or anything else!

  • BlinkOn 18, October 17–19 – at the 18th edition of this semi-annual gathering of Blink developers, we’ll have three breakout talks and five ⚡️ lightning talks:
    • José Dapena Paz, “Maintenance of Chromium downstream”
    • Andreu Botella, “Integration of task attribution and AsyncContext”
    • Brian Kardell, “History of the Web with Nicole Sullivan” continuing our joint podcast series
    • ⚡️ José Dapena Paz, “Keep GCC running (2023 update)”
    • ⚡️ Max Ihlenfeldt, “Fixing interactive_ui_tests on ozone/wayland”
    • ⚡️ Andreu Botella, a quick update on line-clamp
    • ⚡️ Byungwoo Lee, “Investigation into DNR regexFilter”
    • ⚡️ Zakhar Voit, an overview of the challenges faced in setting up a Chromium backend to our Wolvic browser
  • AWE EU, October 24-25 – Igalia will be on-site with a booth in the trade hall where we’ll be showing off Wolvic, the world’s only open-source XR web browser.

We always enjoy talking with people at events, so if you’ll be on hand for any of the above shows, please say hi! And if you have any questions regarding any of our appearances, or you’d just like to learn more about Igalia, please feel free to reach out.