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Samuel Iglesias 29/01/2019

VkRunner is integrated into VK-GL-CTS and piglit

One of the greatest features from piglit was the easy development of OpenGL tests based on GLSL shaders plus some simple commands through shader_runner command. I even wrote about it. However, Vulkan ecosystem was missing a tool like that but for SPIR-V...

Adrián Pérez 27/01/2019

Web Engines Hackfest 2018 → FOSDEM 2019

The last quarter of 2018 has been a quite hectic one, and every time I had some spare time after the Web Engines Hackfest the prospective of sitting down to write some thoughts about it seemed dreadful. Christmas went by already —two full weeks of...

Eleni Maria Stea 27/01/2019

Hair simulation with a mass-spring system (punk is not dead!)

Hair rendering and simulation can be challenging, especially in real-time. There are many sophisticated algorithms for it (based on particle systems, hair mesh simulation, mass-spring systems and more) that can give very good results. But in this post, I...

Gyuyoung Kim 17/01/2019

The story of the webOS Chromium contribution over the past year

In this article, I share how I started webOS Chromium upstream, what webOS patches were contributed by LG Electronics, and how I’ve contributed to Chromium. First, let’s briefly describe the history of the webOS. WebOS was created by Palm,...

Víctor Jáquez 16/01/2019

Rust bindings for GStreamerGL: Memoirs

Rust is a great programming language but the community around it’s just amazing. Those are the ingredients for the craft of useful software tools, just like Servo, an experimental browser engine designed for tasks isolation and high parallelization....

Manuel Rego 11/01/2019

An introduction to CSS Containment

Igalia has been recently working on the implementation of css-contain in Chromium by providing some fixes and optimizations based on this standard. This is a brief blog post trying to give an introduction to the spec, explain the status of things, the...

Diego Pino 10/01/2019

The eXpress Data Path

In the previous article I briefly introduced XDP (eXpress Data Path) and eBPF, the multipurpose in-kernel virtual machine. On the XDP side, I focused only on the motivations behind this new technology, the reasons why rearchitecting the Linux kernel...

Carlos García Campos 08/01/2019

Epiphany automation mode

Last week I finally found some time to add the automation mode to Epiphany, that allows to run automated tests using WebDriver. It’s important to note that the automation mode is not expected to be used by users or applications … Continue...

Diego Pino 07/01/2019

A brief introduction to XDP and eBPF

In a previous post I explained how to build a kernel with XDP (eXpress Data Path) support. Having that feature enabled in your kernel is mandatory in order to use it. XDP is a new Linux kernel component that highly improves packet processing performance...

Igalia 03/01/2019

Igalia to attend CES Las Vegas 2019

Join us at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV January 8th to January 11th