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Frédéric Wang 10/07/2018

Review of Igalia's Web Platform activities (H1 2018)

This is the semiyearly report to let people know a bit more about Igalia’s activities around the Web Platform, focusing on the activity of the first semester of year 2018. Projects Javascript Igalia has proposed and developed the specification...

Pablo Saavedra 10/07/2018

Building Chromium in MacOS with a Linux icecc cluster

Many times, during these last months, I thought to keep updated my blog writing a new post. Unfortunately, for one or another reason I always found an excuse to not do so. Well, I think that time is over because finally I found something useful and worthy...

Gyuyoung Kim 26/06/2018

How to develop Chromium with Visual Studio Code?

How have you been developing Chromium? I have often been asked what is the best tool to develop Chromium. I guess Chromium developers have been usually using vim, emacs, cscope, sublime text, eclipse, etc. And they have used GDB or console …...

Igalia 21/06/2018

Meet Igalia at the Automotive Linux Summit 2018!

Igalia to talk about Browsers and Web Runtimes!

Diego Pino 14/06/2018

Fast checksum computation

An Internet packet generally includes two checksums: a TCP/UDP checksum and an IP checksum. In both cases, the checksum value is calculated using the same algorithm. For instance, IP header checksum is computed as follows: Set the packet’s IP header...

Jacobo Aragunde 13/06/2018

Chromium official/release builds and icecc

You may already be using icecc to compile your Chromium, either by following some instructions like the ones published by my colleague Gyuyoung or using the popular icecc-chromium set of scripts. In those cases, you will probably get in some …...

Igalia 12/06/2018

New positions available!

Igalia's support team is growing.

Igalia 08/06/2018

Igalia welcomes Qiuyi-Zhang (Joyee)

Welcome to Igalia, Joyee!

Michael Catanzaro 05/06/2018

Security vulnerability in Epiphany Technology Preview

If you use Epiphany Technology Preview, please update immediately and ensure you have revision 3.29.2-26 or newer. We discovered and resolved a vulnerability that allowed websites to access internal Epiphany features and thereby exfiltrate passwords from...

Igalia 04/06/2018

The 23rd biannual Igalia Summit

Igalia celebrates all-hands event that takes place every 6 months