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"Organizations and individuals can sponsor the Servo project"

In 2020, Mozilla Research handed stewardship of the Servo web engine over to the Linux Foundation. In 2023, thanks to some external funding and some investment of our own, Igalia got involved and the project was moved to Linux Foundation Europe.

Last week, the Servo project announced two ways that individuals and organizations can help support Servo directly by sponsoring it on GitHub or through the Servo Open Collective.

Igalia is happy to be involved in such an exciting project, and believe there are many good reasons to help sponsor this work. As a novel web engine, without origins in Gecko or WebKit, and the only web engine to be written in a memory-safe language (Rust), the Servo project is especially unique and ultimately helps to drive the entire web platform forward. (After all, as the White House recently said, “Future Software Should Be Memory Safe”.)

You can read the announcement and learn more about how sponsorship works on the Servo Blog.