Igalia Coding Experience Program

The Igalia Coding Experience is an internship program which gives students with a background in Computer Science, Information Technology and Free Software their first exposure to the professional world, working hand in hand with Igalia programmers and learning with them.

Igalia is a worker-owned, employee-run company with 15 years of experience building open source software in a wide range of exciting fields. We work on the core of such widely-deployed projects as the WebKit and Blink browser engines, the Mesa graphics drivers, the V8 and JavaScriptCore language runtimes, and the GStreamer multimedia toolkit. We are also at the cutting edge of high-speed software-defined networking with our work on Snabb Switch. At Igalia, you can develop your career in a unique environment, participating equally in the management of the company via our democratic, consensus-based assembly structure.

One of the core principles of Igalia is equality, so we feel a deep and continual obligation to acknowledge and counter the structural discrimination that permeates our industry and our world. In a practical sense this means that we maintain a permanent diversity commission that helps to shape company policy and that we always try to hold ourselves accountable to our internal code of conduct. We also feel that one of the best ways to accomplish these goals is to grow and maintain the diversity of Igalia itself. We welcome applicants regardless of their age, disability, gender, race, marital status, religion, sexual orientation or whatever type of systemic discrimination that they have faced.

For 2017 we are not offering explicit Coding Experiences positions in the free software projects where Igalia is involved. However, if you have a proposal related to those areas we'd love hear it. We will review all proposals we receive in order to select this year's Coding Experience positions. 

We have two types of positions: Standard Coding Experience and Extended Coding Experience

Standard Coding Experience

Ideal candidates are those who have no work experience in the area of the internship, but do have a special motivation for working on free software projects.

  • Hours: 300h
  • Compensation: 2100€
  • Timetable:
    • 2 months full-time (minimum)
    • 4 months part-time (maximum) 

Extended Coding Experience

Ideal candidates are those with a special motivation for working on free software projects and with some contributions to any free software project related to our areas of specialization including participation in its community.

  • Hours: 450h
  • Compensation: 5000€
  • Usual timetables:
    • 3 months full-time
    • 6 months part-time
    • 1 year 10h per week 

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