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"Igalians will deliver talks at three events"

As 2023 moves into its final few weeks, we’re still keeping busy on the conference front. In November, Igalians will speak at three events, both online and in person.

  • JetBrains JavaScript Day 2023, November 2 - a free online event covering JavaScript in all its myriad facets. Our own Romulo Cintra will present “TC39 - From the Proposal to ECMAScript - Step by Step”, an overview of how new ECMAScript (neé JavaScript) features are added.

  • NodeConf EU, November 6–8 - billed as “the leading key Node.js event in Europe”, this year’s edition will be held in Ireland and will include:
  • Linux Plumbers 2023, November 13–15 - happening this year in Virginia (USA), this conference is devoted to developers working the “plumbing layer” of Linux and will include:
    • Maíra Canal taking a look at “Converting a DRM driver to Rust”
    • André Almeida diving into “Adaptive userspace spinlocks with rseq”
    • Guilherme Piccoli exploring the alternatives “When kdump is way too much”

We always enjoy talking with people at events, so if you’ll be there for any of the above shows, please take a moment to say hi! And if you have any questions regarding any of our appearances, or you’d just like to learn more about Igalia, please feel free to reach out.