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"Igalians will present eight times over the two days"

We are delighted to announce that the beloved GStreamer conference is back after four years of hiatus. Moreover, Igalia is very proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of this comeback. The conference will take place in the beautiful Palexco conference center located in A Coruña, Spain, from the 25th to the 26th of September 2023.

Igalians will present six talks and two lightning talks regarding our latest developments and improvements to the GStreamer framework during the two days of the conference.

25 September

High-level WebRTC APIs in GStreamer

Speakers: Thibault Saunier, Mathieu Duponchelle, Loïc Le Page

After an overview of the basic components needed to establish a WebRTC connection, this talk will present how GStreamer is providing user-friendly solutions to handle bi-directional communications with the webrtcsink and webrtcsrc elements. It will also present how those elements can communicate transparently with web browsers using the gstwebrtc javascript API.

GstWebRTC in WebKit, current status and challenges

Speaker: Philippe Normand

The WebKit WPE and GTK ports are aiming to use GstWebRTC/webrtcbin as their WebRTC backend, as an alternative to LibWebRTC. During this talk we will present the current integration status of GstWebRTC in WebKit. Several pipelines are involved, even in a basic p2p video call. We will dive in the guts of a video call, from the media capture handling, to the streaming, including handling of incoming audio/video/data tracks handling and final rendering with <video>, Canvas or even WebAudio.

Updates in GStreamer VA-API (and DMABuf negotiation)

Speaker: Victor Jaquez

This talk will present GstVA and its library, along with the future deprecation of GStreamer-VAAPI. It will announce the new DMABuf negotiation mechanis and the work in progress about encoders and future elements.

MSE and EME on GStreamer based WebKit ports

Speaker: Xavier Rodriguez

Media Source and Encrypted Media Extensions are W3C JavaScript APIs for multimedia playback on the web. They are widely used on the websites and apps of different streaming platforms for content delivery. In this talk we will explain the architecture and status of the implementation of those two APIs in the GStreamer based ports for WebKit (mainly WPE and GTK).

Lightning talk: WebCodecs in WebKit, with GStreamer!

Speaker: Philippe Normand

Philippe will showcase the current support for the W3C WebCodecs spec, with GStreamer, in WebKit WPE and GTK ports.

Lightning talk: GstPipelineStudio version 0.3.2 is out!

Speaker: Stéphane Cerveau

A quick overview of the new release 0.3.2 of GstPipelineSudio and the coming features.

26 September

Video Editing with GStreamer: an update

Speaker: Thibault Saunier

This talk will present the work that has been done in several parts of GStreamer to make non-linear editing simpler and more efficient. We will also discuss the what is next and the long term vision of GES.

Vulkan Video in GStreamer

Speakers: Stéphane Cerveau, Victor Jaquez

A talk about the long road of adding Vulkan Video extensions (decoding and encoding) within GStreamer.

Do you want to know more?

We hope attendees enjoy all these presentations! Please feel free to come and chat with any of us if you have questions about Igaliai or want to know more about GStreamer.