About the Coding Experience program

The Igalia Coding Experience is an grant program which gives students with a background in Computer Science, Information Technology and Free Software their first exposure to the professional world, working hand in hand with Igalia programmers and learning with them.

Coding experiences positions

For 2019 we offer Coding experiences in the following areas:

  • Implementation of web standards, where the student will become familiar with, and contribute to the implementation of W3C standards in open source web engines.
  • WebKit, which is one of the most important open source web rendering engines. The student will have the opportunity to help in its maintenance and/or contribute to development of new features.
  • Chromium, a well-known browser rendering engine. The student will work with specific feature development and/or bug-fixing. Additional tasks may include maintenance of our internal buildbots and to create packages of Chromium/Wayland for distribution.
  • Compilers, with a focus on WebAssembly and JavaScript implementations. The student will contribute to powerful and fast JS engines like V8 or JSC, working on new language features, optimizations or ports.
  • Multimedia and GStreamer, the leading open source multimedia framework. The student will help to develop the Video Editing stack in GStreamer (namely GES and NLE). This work will include adding new features in any part of GStreamer, GStreamer Editing Services or in the Pitivi video editor, as well as fixing bugs in any of those components.
  • Open-source graphics stack. The student will work in the development of specific features in Mesa or in improving any of the open-source testing suites (VkRunner, piglit) used in the Mesa community. Candidates are also welcome to propose topics of interest to work in (include them in the cover letter).

Conditions and compensation

This program is for students who wish to have a first professional experience while they are in education.

Our ideal candidates are highly motivated to work on Free Software projects; bonus points for existing contributions to any Free Software project related to our areas of specialization, including participation in its community.

The specific conditions of our Coding Experience program are:

  • Mentorship by one of the Igalia's outstanding open source contributors in the field.
  • Hours: 450h
  • Compensation: 6500€
  • Usual timetables:
    • 3 months full-time
    • 6 months part-time
    • 1 year 10h per week

Selection process

We will do the selection of the candidates for the Coding Experience program twice a year: In June and in November.