Igalia Coding Experience

The Igalia Coding Experience is a grant program for people studying Computer Science, Information Technology or Free Software, whether in a formal setting (for example, a college or university) or an informal one (self-teaching). The purpose of the program is to give participants their first exposure to the professional world, working hand in hand with Igalia programmers and learning with them.

Conditions & Compensation

This program is mainly for people who are learning and wishing to gain initial professional experience in the area of free/open-source software development. They can be either students enrolled in a official education program or involved in alternative learning itineraries (e.g. self-learning). It is also open to people who are in a later stage of their professional career but who do not have experience working in computer science and are willing to refocus.

Igalia expressly invites women (both cis and trans), trans men, and genderqueer people to apply. The Coding Experience program prioritizes applicants coming from groups that are underrepresented in technology.

Our ideal candidates are highly motivated to work on Free Software projects; bonus points for existing contributions to any Free Software or open-source project related to our areas of specialization, including participation in its community.

The specific conditions of our Coding Experience program are:

Selection Process

The Igalia Coding Experience is generally open for applications at the start of the second quarter of each year. Accepted participants are usually chosen by mid-May, have a mutually-agreed-upon starting date from June onwards, and finish their term before the end of the same year.