Igalia Coding Experience

The Igalia Coding Experience is a grant program for people studying Computer Science, Information Technology or Free Software, whether in a formal setting (for example, a college or university) or an informal one (self-teaching). The purpose of the program is to give participants their first exposure to the professional world, working hand in hand with Igalia programmers and learning with them.

Thank you to everyone who applied for the 2024 Coding Experience at Igalia. The selection process for this year is now complete, and all successful candidates have been notified.

To those who have been selected, welcome aboard! We are eager to start this Coding Experience with you.

For those who did not make it this time, please do not be disheartened. The decision was incredibly challenging due to the high number and quality of applications. We encourage you to keep pursuing your passion for coding and consider applying again in the future. Your journey is just beginning, and there are many opportunities ahead.

Stay connected with Igalia by visiting our careers page and following us on our social media channels for updates on future programs and opportunities (see footer for links).

Thank you to everyone who showed interest in the Coding Experience. We wish you the best in your coding journey.