Igalia Coding Experience

The Igalia Coding Experience is a grant program for people studying Computer Science, Information Technology or Free Software, whether in a formal setting (for example, a college or university) or an informal one (self-teaching). The purpose of the program is to give participants their first exposure to the professional world, working hand in hand with Igalia programmers and learning with them.

Coding Experience Positions

The areas where people can apply for the 2024 Coding Experience program are the following:


Chromium serves as the open-source foundation for the widely recognized Chrome web browser. Past participants have engaged in specific tasks such as feature development and bug fixing. Examples include enhancing Chromium's Wayland support, contributing to code improvements and refactorings, or tackling other existing tasks upstream.

Multimedia and GStreamer

GStreamer is a leading open-source multimedia framework. The participant's goal is to contribute to various multimedia areas, such as video editing support in GStreamer (specifically GES and NLE), WebRTC, VAAPI/Vulkan, and WebKit Multimedia. For video editing, tasks involve adding new features and fixing bugs in GStreamer, GStreamer Editing Services, and the Pitivi video editor.


Wolvic is a free, open-source Web browser designed for Virtual Reality systems. Participants will focus on designing and implementing specific user interface components, in addition to conducting quality assurance and user testing. The primary technologies used will be Java and Android.

Implementation of Web Standards

The participant's goal is to gain familiarity with and contribute to the implementation of W3C and WHATWG standards in open-source browser engines.

Conditions & Compensation

This program is mainly for people who are learning and wishing to gain initial professional experience in the area of free/open-source software development. They can be either students enrolled in a official education program or involved in alternative learning itineraries (e.g. self-learning). It is also open to people who are in a later stage of their professional career but who do not have experience working in computer science and are willing to refocus.

Igalia expressly invites women (both cis and trans), trans men, and genderqueer people to apply. The Coding Experience program prioritizes applicants coming from groups that are underrepresented in technology.

Our ideal candidates are highly motivated to work on Free Software projects; bonus points for existing contributions to any Free Software or open-source project related to our areas of specialization, including participation in its community.

The specific conditions of our Coding Experience program are:

Selection Process

The Igalia Coding Experience in 2024 will be organized into a single enrollment window.

The submission period will be open from February 21st until April 3rd. Participants will be selected in mid May.

We will work with the participant to arrange a suitable starting date during 2024, from June onwards, and finishing before the end of the year.

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Your cover letter is a chance to introduce yourself to us and explain a little bit about your background and what makes you interested in working on free/open-source software. You can discuss any contributions to free or open-source software projects you have made (previous contributions are not a requirement, but can help). We are also interested in whether you belong to any group or groups that are subject to underrepresentation and/or discrimination in the technology industry or free/open-source software. Disclosing this information is optional, but helps us evaluate your application. Finally, we would appreciate it if you let us know how we should refer to you (what pronouns you use).