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"A cooperative cross-browser effort continues to grow and push the web forward"

In March of 2021, Igalia took part in an effort that was, at the time, called “Compat 2021”, which focused on increasing the interoperability of several web features across all browser implementations. By November of that year, the effort had achieved a massive improvement in those areas.

Browser compatibility scores for experimental builds on the five areas tracked as part of Compat2021.  Chome/Edge Dev: 96.  Firefox Nightly: 91.  Safari Preview: 92.

This work expanded in 2022, when all the browser vendors began directly participating in the work from the very beginning. The effort was renamed to Interop 2022 and it covered even more areas — 15 instead of five. Once again, scores in all of those areas rose, across the board throughout the year

Browser compatibility scores for experimental builds on the five areas tracked as part of Interop 2022.  Chome/Edge Dev: 92.  Firefox Nightly: 91.  Safari Preview: 96.

In 2022, Igalians also authored the first ever Web Almanac chapter on Interoperability, which was designed in part to help developers know about and undestand these great advances every year.

Interop 2023

Igalia has once again committed to work on the next iteration of the project, Interop 2023. This year, the team issued an open call for suggestions, and received close to 100 proposals! This really underscores just how big and diverse the web platform is, and how many different ideas about what to prioritize in the platform there are.

The Interop group worked together to agree on which suggestions we believe are ready to tackle, which we could all reasonably imagine getting to, and how we could group them. In the end, Interop 2023 is made up of a whopping 26 topic areas — definitely the biggest and most ambitious interop effort so far. We’re excited to keep working together to make the web platform better and better.

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