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"Igalia is proud to collaborate to move the web forward"

Thanks to insights that began with the MDN DNA (Developer Needs Assement) survey which highlighted just how much web developers still feel there are significant compatibility gaps in the web platform, there has been ongoing focus in closing those gaps. In 2020, there was a lot more honing in on exactly where gaps and frustrations lie, as well as around how to prioritize and accomplish the work to close those gaps.

This week, Google announced a partnership among several browser vendors. Called Compat2021, this effort identifies a very high-value set of interoperability gaps that implementors can focus on in 2021. Igalia is very interested in doing this work, and is proud to be among the collaborators. While we contribute to all of the major browser engines, as the maintainers of the Official WebKit port for embedded systems, we’re especially keen on helping address WebKit’s compatibility gaps.

We believe that by working together, with shared tasks and focused goals to improve the commons, we can expect significant improvements to the web platform before the year is out.