Great opportunity to work on cool open source projects

Igalia is happy to announce that we have open positions for our Coding Experience Program!

The Igalia Coding Experience is a program intended to give interns their first exposure to the professional world, working hand in hand with experienced programmers from Igalia and from the open source communities. For 2018 we are offering positions in the following areas:

  • Implementation of web standards: the intern will become familiar with, and contribute to the implementation of W3C standards in open source web engines
  • WebKit: the intern will have the possibility to help in its maintenance and/or contribute to development of new features
  • Chromium: the student will work with specific feature development and/or bugfixing. Additional tasks may include maintenance of our internal buildbots and to create packages of Chromium/Wayland for distribution
  • Compilers: the intern will contribute to powerful and fast JavaScript engines like V8 or JavaScriptCore, working on new language features, optimizations or ports
  • Networking: the intern will get familiar with network function development. 

Don't hesitate to apply!

For more details about the program and the application, please check out here.