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Multimedia Developer

We are looking to hire someone to join our multimedia team. Our work spans many layers of the software stack, from the user interface elements of video players all the way down to the firmware that controls the decoding hardware.

Job position description

As a member of our team, you would be responsible for ensuring that this entire constellation of parts works together to provide smooth and reliable media playback to the end user.

Since we often communicate with clients and also must interact with the rest of our geographically-distributed company, we rely on people with good communication skills. We are constantly learning from one another by engaging in internal discussions, so clear explanations of challenging technical ideas are essential. In tandem with communication skills, we are also looking for people ready to iterate constructively during code reviews. Due to the distributed nature of the team and the company, being self-directed and self-motivated is an advantage. We meet in person several times a year in Galicia, Spain, but remote work from anywhere in the world is perfectly acceptable. Finally, we are especially looking for people who have prior experience working on browser engines or multimedia libraries such as GStreamer, though this is not essential.

Be sure to mention any experience you might have with browser technologies, GStreamer, FFMpeg, OpenMAX, VA-API, multimedia formats and protocols, multimedia in embedded devices or the Rust language in the GNU/Linux based platforms. Happy hacking!

At Igalia, we provide a remote-friendly, collaborative and supportive environment driven by principles of diversity and inclusion. Shaped by our values, Igalia has a flat, cooperative structure.

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