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Igalia is one of the main consultancies working on the Mesa3D project. We contribute to open-source drivers for a variety of devices, from desktop to mobile GPUs.

This position is aimed at work in any area of the open-source user-space graphics stack, such as Mesa driver development, X11/Wayland display technologies, toolkits (GTK+, Qt, etc) and/or desktop shells and compositors (GNOME shell, etc), 3D Graphics APIs development (OpenGL, Vulkan).

Background related to embedded hardware, reverse engineering, developing drivers and, specifically, contributions in graphics and the Linux kernel DRM subsystem will come in handy. The candidate will usually be in close collaboration with other teams inside Igalia. Familiarity with the concepts and different layers of the graphics stack will be also helpful when assisting the other developers at Igalia.

This job position involves working with Open Source projects. We expect the candidates be comfortable working in an Open Source environment, including being comfortable communicating and working in public, and have a strong understanding of version control systems (e.g. git, subversion).

Igalia is a distributed company which has English as the common language for internal communication. Hence, experience working remotely and being able to effectively use English are both advantages.

When applying, make sure to mention any experience you might have with GPUs, drivers, the Linux kernel DRM subsystem, X11/Wayland, toolkits, desktop shells and compositors, and 3D Graphics APIs.

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