Browsers Developer (WebKit focus)


At Igalia, we are looking to hire a developer for our browsers team, whose task will be to maintain and improve WebKit, the well-known web engine used by millions of people. The scope of our work related to WebKit is broad, so a wide range of skill sets is valuable.

WebKit is a large open-source codebase primarily in C++, but being a web engine many tasks involve knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well. Some of the areas we work on include web platform features, embedded systems, multimedia, graphics, and networking. Because of the broad scope of WebKit, there is flexibility in which areas employees may work. While not necessary for candidates to have prior experience in all of these areas, they must be enthusiastic about learning new technologies.

All work is remote with colleagues from around the world using a distributed development structure similar to many other open-source projects using AGILE methodologies. Developers have good interpersonal skills to collaborate with other developers within the company, and the WebKit ecosystem, nurture good communication to seek consensus, proactively oversee the entire development life cycle of features, and are committed to excellence in their work. You will collaborate with other developers in English internally and externally, including writing blogs and documentation as well as giving talks at conferences about your work.

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