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"Igalia leads the way on a number of codebases"

Over the years, Igalia has become a significant contributor to multiple browser engines, standards, and test suites. Just recently, Igalian Brian Kardell put some numbers to that effort in a blog post titled Igalia: Mid-season Power Rankings, in which he did some detailed analysis of this year’s contributions to a number of repositories.

As was the case in past years, it’s very interesting to see the mixture of big corporations, small outfits, and individuals in these breakdowns. For example, once you filter Apple’s contributions out of the WebKit chart, the three top contributors are Igalia, Sony, and Ahmad Saleem, in that order. This placement puts Ahmad ahead of firms like Red Hat, Google, and Samsung, with almost 9% of the (non-Apple) commits to the WebKit codebase!

Over in the world of Chromium, leaving aside Google’s contributions, the top five contributors are Igalia, Microsoft, Intel, Opera, and Ho Cheung, again in that order. And in the case of Mozilla’s repository, the top non-Mozilla contributor is André Bargull, with 14.4% of that data set. Behind him are Red Hat, Birchill, Gregory Pappas, and then Igalia.

While host organization commits do dwarf all external contributors, as Brian shows in his post, it’s still heartening to see the diversity and range of contributors to these essential codebases. It is heartening to see significant numbers of individual contributors who have made only a few commits, as many of those will be new contributors.

In addition to being the very top contributors to Wolvic and Servo — small surprise since Igalia is steward to both — Igalia also made significant contributions to a number of test suites and standards, among them:

…and more. You can see all the details on these and read more in-depth over at Brian’s post, and we look forward to making many more contributions in the future!