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"Igalia is participating in the Open Source Summit North America on May 10-12 in Vancouver, Canada"

The Open Source Summit North America 2023 will take place virtually and in Vancouver, Canada, on May 10-12 2023. Open Source Summit is a conference umbrella organized by the Linux Foundation and composed of a collection of events covering the most important technologies, topics, and issues affecting open source today. Igalia will be present at the event and will participate in a couple of sessions, one on May 10 and the other already available to registered attendees.

  • At 11:10am Vancouver time on May 10, our colleague André Almeida will present a talk titled “Making GPU Resets Less Painful on Linux”, where he will explore some scenarios where GPU resets happen, how different DRM drivers recover from it, and what’s in the roadmap to make these situations better for users.
  • On the virtual side, our colleague Eric Meyer participated in a virtual panel discussion titled “The Metaverse: Opportunities, Challenges and Where Open Source Plays”, where he talks about WebXR and the role of Web Engines in the metaverse including Wolvic, Igalia’s open source WebXR browser.

Come say hi to André if you’ll be attending the event in person!