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"Igalia will deliver a talk about our work implementing Vulkan Video support in GStreamer"

Vulkanised, the largest event dedicated to 3D developers using Vulkan API, will take place in the beautiful city of Munich in Germany on Feb 7-9, 2023.

Our colleagues Víctor Jáquez and Stéphane Cerveau will give a talk about their recent work on Vulkan Video support in GStreamer: “Implementing Vulkan decoder with GStreamer and demo” on Thursday, February 9th at 10:30 CET.

The Vulkan® Working Group at Khronos® released a set of provisional extensions, collectively called ‘Vulkan Video’, for seamlessly integrating hardware-accelerated video compression and decompression into the Vulkan API. These extensions were finalized in December 2022. In the talk, Víctor Jáquez and Stéphane Cerveau will explain the development of h264 and h265 decoders in GStreamer, and showcase a demo of them.

If you’ll be at Vulkanised too, don’t miss the opportunity to say “hi” and meet us.