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"Igalians join call for complete renewal of Free Software Foundation governing bodies"

We at Igalia are dismayed that Richard Stallman is back in a leadership position at the Free Software Foundation, after being forced to resign 18 months ago due to a pattern of sexist behavior. After all of the efforts of the community and FSF staff to build an inclusive movement for software freedom, we are baffled that the electors of the board chose to reinstate Stallman without any explanation, much less an apology or remediation for past behavior.

When Stallman resigned in 2019, the FSF had a unique opportunity to reestablish itself as the central institution for furthering digital liberties in the software domain, and many of us now find ourselves profoundly saddened that the FSF might not grow to fit this role.

Monday’s belated statement from the FSF only recognizes errors of communication and not of substance. In our eyes, the FSF board is failing to address the problem of sexist behavior in the software freedom movement, and that is unacceptable to us at Igalia.

We second calls for the FSF to restructure via the complete renewal of its board and voting structure, facilitated by an independent transition committee.