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Igalia is looking for candidates for it’s 2019 Coding Experience Program

The Coding Experience is a grant program which gives students with a background in Computer Science and Information Technology first-hand coding experience in a professional open source environment. In addition to gaining real-world experience, they are paired with an Igalia programmer to mentor them during the program.

2019 Coding experiences will be focused on the following areas: Implementation of web standards, WebKit, Chromium, Compilers, Multimedia and GStreamer, and Open-source graphics stack.

One of the core principles of Igalia is equality. We welcome applicants regardless of their age, disability, gender, race, marital status, religion, sexual orientation or whatever type of systemic discrimination that they have faced.

Participants will be selected for The Coding Experience twice a year, in June and in November. They will be able to work remotely or from one of our offices if they live nearby. To learn more about this program and to apply please visit the Igalia Coding Experience webpage.