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"Our website has received a few upgrades and we updated much of the information about our work."

You may not notice it at a first glance, but our website has received a few important changes recently. Specially there is a lot of newly updated information about what we do and how we do it and a few new sections.

Our customers know very well the kind of things we can do for them. We have been training their staff or guiding them in the process of sending their patches upstream in open source projects. But just to make it easier for everyone to quickly learn the kind of help they can get from Igalia, we created a new Services section with a brief description of the type of work we usually do.

Our old work section has been removed and now we organised our Work Areas in a new section. This section works as a hub where you can find a short summary about the different areas in which we focus currently and a link to each of their main pages.

The different area pages have also been reworked, with a special focus in providing information about our experience and interests in each particular work area. All of them have a dynamic contents part at the bottom including related blog posts, tweets and commits and we also showcase multimedia contents, such as videos, screencasts and screenshots.

There is a new Products & Applications section with a few examples of our currently available products and a non-comprehensive list including applications we recently developed or extensively worked on.

We also created a new Platforms & Associations section to enumerate the software and hardware platforms we are more experienced with. You can find information about our relation to them in this section. 

Besides the new organisation of the website and the newly created contents, we also worked in a few visual improvements adding a bit of colour and some new styles to the whole set of new sections.

We hope you like the new looks and organisation of the website. If you cannot find what you are looking for or want to send us feedback about the website please contact us.