Igalia Areas

Igalia is a highly-specialized company developing innovative open source solutions for a large set of software and hardware platforms.

  • 01

    Browsers and Client-side Web Technologies

    Igalia leads the development of essential projects and components in the areas of web rendering and browsers. With five WebKit reviewers and 15 engineers dedicated to WebKit and Chromium/Blink development, we have the most WebKit expertise found in the consultancy business.

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  • 02

    Graphics Pipeline and Rendering Technologies

    The graphics pipeline is crucial for achieving a friction-free user interface. Igalia has years of experience developing and optimizing key components of the GNU/Linux graphical pipeline, from core libraries to graphical toolkits and client-side web technologies.

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  • 03

    Compilers and Virtual Machines

    Igalia is the most experienced JavaScript virtual machine engineering consultancy contributing code upstream to both V8 and JSC. We also apply our compiler expertise to work on other dynamic language implementations including Python, Scheme and Ruby.

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  • 04


    Igalia's multimedia expertise ranges from hardware acceleration to end-user applications. We develop and maintain WebKit's GStreamer-based multimedia backends, we partner with leading IT companies to provide solutions for embedded devices, and we are pioneers in content integration tools.

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  • 05

    Linux Kernel and Virtualization Technologies

    Igalia has been adapting, optimising, and creating new products for the GNU/Linux kernel for over 10 years. Our engineers write, maintain and port drivers and provide virtualization solutions using QEMU and other emulators.

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  • 06

    Interactivity, Augmented Reality and Human-Computer Interaction

    Igalia researches and develops innovative ways to interact with technology, creating immersive and engaging experiences by combining touchless, gestural and multiuser interfaces with advanced visuals and audio. These solutions apply to artistic and multimedia installations, multisensorial stimulation rooms and augmented reality applications.

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  • 07

    Distributions and System Integration

    Igalia has been working with Linux-based distributions for desktops and for embedded environments since its inception. We port existing distros and software to new hardware platforms as well as create and configure custom Linux distributions.

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  • 08

    Accessibility Tools and Technologies

    Igalia is committed to making access to software and information possible for all users. With over 20 years of combined experience in accessibility and diverse backgrounds ranging from Computer Science to Special Education, our engineers deliver truly integrated solutions.

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  • 09

    Distributed Computing

    Igalia's Distributed Computing team provides targeted solutions for real-time and batch data analysis. We embrace a server-side development model based on distributed systems running in the Cloud, along with new highly-scalable data and computation models. We can help your company solve its BigData challenges.

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  • 10

    Training for individuals and companies

    We have extensive experience in professional highly specialised on-site training related to most of our working areas. You can get your company trained by the people who write the code..

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Products & applications

Igalia develops end-user applications and products for different realms, including applications for the various mobile platforms that we are involved in, specific middleware and libraries that address shortages we detected in the Open Source commons or simply some pieces of software we just love to make.

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