Igalia is an open source consultancy specialized in the development of innovative projects and solutions.

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Igalia 09/12/2014

Announcing WebKit for Wayland

New WebKit port targeting Wayland and focusing on hardware acceleration and embedded systems.

Igalia 20/11/2014

ASOLIF awarded Igalia the title "Best Company" ("Mejor empresa de ASOLIF") in 2014

The decision has been announced during LibreCon 2014

Igalia 17/11/2014

Igalia at the Scheme '14 workshop (Washington DC)

Andy Wingo's keynote on "What Scheme Can Learn from JavaScript"

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Andy Wingo 14/11/2014

generators in firefox now twenty-two times faster

It's with great pleasure that I can announce that, thanks to Mozilla's Jan de Mooij, the new ES6 generator functions are twenty-two times faster in Firefox!Some back-story, for the unawares. There's a new version of JavaScript coming,...

Sergio Villar 13/11/2014

BlinkOn 3

Last week I attended BlinkOn3 held at Google’s Mountain View office. Not only that but I also had the pleasure of giving a speech about what has been taking most of my time lately, the CSS Grid Layout implementation.

Katerina Barone-Adesi 31/10/2014

A tale of sunk allocation

Pflua is fast; Igalia wants it to be faster. When I joined Igalia, one of the big open questions was why some very similar workloads had extremely different speeds; matching a packet dump against a matching or non-matching host IP address could make the...

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Browsers and client-side web technologies

We have the most WebKit, Chromium/Blink and Firefox expertise found in the consultancy business, including many reviewers and committers.

Web Engines Hackfest 2014

7-10 December A Coruña

What We Do


 Igalia innovates in multiple specific areas to deliver the best Open Source technologies and solutions to its customers. We focus on client-side web technologies including WebKit and Chromium/Blink, JavaScript engines, optimization of graphical pipelines, Multimedia, the Linux kernel, Accessibility and more.


 Our expertise and specialization in relevant domains comes from our work on a wide set of platforms and software distributions. From Tizen to Android and from desktop to embedded, our work and contributions are present in almost anything running on top of a Linux kernel.