Igalia is an open source consultancy specialized in the development of innovative projects and solutions.

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Igalia 15/04/2014

Igalia at the 2014 WebKit Contributors Meeting

Igalia is participating in the 2014 WebKit Contributors Meeting held by Apple in Cupertino, CA, April 15th and 16th

Igalia 11/04/2014

Opportunities for Students at Igalia

Igalia, a Galician company specializing in Free Software, is looking for students to join its team of developers.

Igalia 10/04/2014

Jacobo Aragunde is now a LibreOffice Certified Developer

Igalia strengthens its position in the LibreOffice community

Igalia 21/03/2014

Gwang Yoon Hwang joins Igalia

We warmly welcome Yoon Hwang as a new Igalian.

Manuel Rego 13/03/2014

Welcome CSS Grid Layout

Igalia has been working in the implementation of CSS Grid Layout since past year (more below). This year I’ve had the chance to join the team and help to move forward this great spec.

Andy Wingo 07/03/2014

es6 generator and array comprehensions in spidermonkey

Good news, everyone: ES6 generator and array comprehensions just landed in SpiderMonkey! Thanks to Bloomberg for sponsoring this work.


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Browsers and client-side web technologies

We have the most WebKit expertise found in the consultancy business. Our team includes five WebKit reviewers and 15 engineers dedicated to WebKit and Chromium/Blink development.

What We Do


Igalia innovates in multiple specific areas to deliver the best Open Source technologies and solutions to its customers. We focus on client-side web technologies including WebKit and Javascript engines, optimization of graphical pipelines, Multimedia, the Linux kernel, Accessibility and more.


Our expertise and specialization in relevant domains comes from our work on a wide set of platforms and software distributions. From Tizen to Android and from desktop to embedded, our work and contributions are present in almost anything running on top of a Linux kernel.