Igalia is the top contributor to the Snabb networking toolkit. Since beginning with Snabb in 2014, Igalia has built a number of network functions that have gone into production, such as the high-performance lightweight AFTR or the unsampled IPFIX exporter. We can help you build the network function that you just can’t buy from a traditional vendor, and we’ll deliver the result as an open-source product so that you have no licensing fees, ever.


Igalia started working with the VPP project soon after it became open source. After gaining some experience by porting over our IPFIX exporter to VPP, Igalia continues to be involved in upstream VPP, submitting bug fixes and performing other maintenance tasks. As such, Igalia is, to our knowledge, the only development consultancy to have experience with both projects, and is uniquely positioned to appreciate VPP’s strengths and to offer advice on what solution fits for a given use-case.