Ioanna M. Dimitriou H.

Ioanna M. Dimitriou H.

Logician programmer

Bonn (Germany)

I’m a software engineer, a Lisper, and a doctor in mathematical logic.

In the past I’ve taught a lot, and I’ve worked on set theory, medical statistics, formal proving (maths), graphing software, frontends and backends, search engines, container software, and networking software, among other smaller projects. Then I started reading papers on compilers and immediately became addicted to this truly applied logic part of programming.

Now it’s hard for me to think about anything else than compilers. When I’m not doing that, I like to play the drums, and to spend time with my loved ones.

I also enjoy watching (technical) presentations and going to conferences. I love all Lisps, though I’m best at Common Lisp, and every year I go to the European Lisp Symposium.