Igalia is a dynamic and highly specialised open source consultancy. Our engineers have expertise in a wide range of technologies from every layer of the software stack and years of experience contributing to open source projects and communities. We can help your company by providing consultancy, development, training and other forms of collaboration.


  • Consultancy

    Get help from inside the open source community.

    No matter what information and communication technologies you are working on, you can take advantage of open source software components and community knowledge.

    Igalia can design your open source strategy, help you make the right technical decisions and facilitate your successful interaction with the community.

  • Development

    Include our specialised engineers on your team.

    You can count on us to lead the development of software solutions based on state-of-the-art open source technologies. Our engineers will join your development team, increasing your capacity to undertake the most demanding software projects.

    Igalia can help you customise existing libraries and projects, adapt software to new hardware, design and develop new features or start entirely new projects from scratch.

  • Training

    Get trained by the people who write the code.

    Igalia has years of experience providing highly specialised training for professionals and companies. We have also partnered with Rey Juan Carlos University to create the first on-site Master on Free Software in Europe, a program which we have run since 2007.

    Igalia offers predefined courses on a variety of topics and technologies that we consider of special importance in the current market. We can also create new courses specifically tailored to your company's needs.

    Learn more about Training.

  • Upstream Integration

    Get introduced by a member of the community.

    If your company has an open source software based business or product, you know you will have many more chances of succeeding if you play well with the communities, learn their dynamics and understand their processes and motivations.

    Igalia can help your company align with open source software communities, reviewing and pushing your code upstream, helping you through the processes and giving advice on how to build a good reputation of your own.