Igalia has been an important actor on the Web Platform community for many years with our work on the different open web engines (Chromium, WebKit, Gecko and Servo) and JavaScript compilers (V8, SpiderkMonkey, JavaScriptCore and ChakraCore) together with the corresponding test suites repositories (web-platform-tests and Test262).

With our extensive upstream implementation experience and our presence in standards bodies, we are immediately ready to help your organization navigate the standardization process or to turn standards into shipping code. As active members in the standards process itself, we are uniquely positioned to help push new standards forward while building consensus.

From our standards work we can highlight the following examples:

  • Accessibility: Igalia is co-chair of the ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) working group and active member of the Accessible Platform Architecture (APA) Working Group. Every day we work to make the web more accessible to all people.

  • CSS: We are members of the CSS Working Group where we collaborate in the definition of new CSS standards, with an important role on the new CSS Grid Layout specification.

  • JavaScript/ECMAScript: Active member of the TC39 committee. We seek to advance JavaScript to include features that modern programmers depend on such as encapsulation and internationalization.

We bring a particular focus to ensuring that new specification features evolve in a way that they can become real implementations, always seeking for ensuring interoperability between browsers. As a consequence, Igalia is an active contributor on the web-platform-test and Test262 test suites.

We have been sponsored by clients such as Bloomberg, Google, and Mozilla, to work upstream in all open-source browser engines turning standards into reality.

  • CSS Grid Layout: Implementing the CSS Grid Layout specification in Blink and WebKit, which recently shipped in major browsers.

  • ECMAScript 5, 6, 7: Implementing important features in V8, JSC, and SpiderMonkey.

  • Building the modern Web Platform in WebKit: WebRTC, WebCrypto, Streams, and Media Source Extensions.

  • MathML in WebKit and Chromium.

  • Full ARIA support in WebKit.

  • Full CSS clipping support in Servo.