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Open Document standards and technologies are essential for securing data of the individuals and companies. Igalia has a long experience offering consulting services in the technologies widely adopted by the industry such as LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Poppler, and Evince.

Founded on the stable and mature OpenOffice codebase and actively developed by a vibrant community of volunteer and industry contributors, LibreOffice is the leading Free and Open Source office suite. Igalia counts with a capable team of hackers integrating new features and providing solutions in the suite, always working upstream in collaboration to the community. One of our developers has been acknowledged as a LibreOffice Certified Developer, which proves our degree of involvement and proficiency.

In the area of document publishing, PDF standard is without doubt the format of choice where Igalia has been engaged for many years. Our experts are maintainers of Poppler, the core PDF render library from freedesktop.org, as well as of Evince, the GNOME document viewer. Combining our experience in the graphics pipeline, we can help you boost the rendering performance in your platform.

  • LibreOffice
  • Poppler
  • Evince
  • ODF
  • PDF

Featured Media

Sharepoint and LibreOffice interoperability through CMIS (Protocols Plugfest 2015)
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Sharepoint and LibreOffice interoperability through CMIS (Protocols Plugfest Europe 2015)


Jacobo Aragunde 21/12/2015

LibreOffice hackfest in Madrid

Earlier this month, I attended a LibreOffice hackfest that has been held in Madrid. My goal for this hackfest was to work on the accessibility of the suite, in particular with the problem exposed in bugs 35652 and 91739, which … Continue reading...

Jacobo Aragunde 11/11/2015

Updated LibreOffice workshop at A Coruña University

I’ve been invited to repeat the workshop about LibreOffice I conducted last year at the University of A Coruña. Contents are largely the same but I’ve done some updates, hence this short update to share the new slides: LibreOffice:...

Jacobo Aragunde 11/09/2015

An update on LibreOffice for Android

Summer time is for hacking! I booked some time in the last weeks to carry on with the work on the Android port we started earlier this year at Igalia, merging the pending bits in master, completing features and adding … Continue reading →

Jacobo Aragunde 11/05/2015

Speaking at Protocols Plugfest 2015

In a couple of hours, I will go to the airport and head for Zaragoza, where I’m taking part of the Protocols Plugfest 2015 happening this week. Igalia will contribute a speech about LibreOffice interoperability with ECM solutions, specially...

Jacobo Aragunde 17/03/2015

Creating new document providers in LibreOffice for Android

We recently completed our tasks for The Document Foundation regarding the Android document browser; nonetheless, we had a pending topic regarding the documentation of our work: write and publish a guide to extend the cloud storage integration. This blog...


build: bring back the option to disable GObject introspection

It was available with autotools, but we lost it when switching to cmake.

Carlos García Campos19/03/2018

regtest: Add an option to exit after n failures

Note that running jobs are not cancelled when max failures is reached, so we usually end up getting more failures than the maximum.

Carlos García Campos21/12/2017

cairo: Do not extend the pattern in drawImageMaskRegular

This is causing some documents with tiling patterns to take ages to render, since we switched to use drawImageMaskRegular in 00a536a4. This patch applies the same changes made in 7d8dfb09 and db87dc7f for drawImageMaskPrescaled to drawImageMaskRegular.

Carlos García Campos24/09/2017