Latest Updates

Igalia 17/01/2017

Igalia to host the next GStreamer Hackfest!

Save the dates for 20-21st May, 2017

Igalia 12/01/2017

Joanmarie becomes co-chair of W3C's ARIA working group!

Congratulations! We look foward to Joanie's future contributions

Igalia 11/01/2017

Igalia at 2017 (Jan 16-20, Hobart)

Join Andy Wingo's talk, "Production high-performance networking with Snabb and LuaJIT"

Igalia 02/01/2017

Igalia to attend CES Las Vegas 2017

Join us at GENIVI Networking Reception at the Bellagio.

Igalia 15/12/2016

We are hiring!

Igalia is looking for Chromium and multimedia developers

Igalia 22/11/2016

Igalia attends LibreCon 2016

Xavier Castaño to talk about Igalia!

Igalia 14/11/2016

Igalia has joined the Khronos Group!

Happy to become a Contributor Member

Igalia 20/10/2016

Asumu Takikawa joins Igalia

Welcome aboard, Asumu!

Igalia 19/10/2016

Igalia at the GENIVI All Member Meeting 2016

We will be there to showcase our latest work

Igalia 10/10/2016

Meet us at GStreamer Conference (October 10-11, Berlin)

Join Víctor's talk: "GStreamer-VAAPI: where we are today"