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Igalia 08/12/2017

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Let's make the tech world a better place for everyone

Igalia 28/11/2017

More Igalians on board!

We are excited to have you at Igalia

Igalia 07/11/2017

Fundraising campaign: MathML in Chromium

Join us in this exciting journey and become a sponsor!

Igalia 31/10/2017

We are hiring!

A great place to work on state-of-the-art open-source technologies

Igalia 24/10/2017

Igalia at the KVM Forum 2017!

Don't miss our talk on performance improvement in qcow2

Igalia 19/10/2017

Igalia sponsors the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2017!

Let's meet in Prague (October 23-25)

Igalia 26/09/2017

Igalia organizes and hosts the Web Engines Hackfest 2017!

Hacking on all open source browsers

Igalia 19/09/2017

Igalia in Tokyo to attend BlinkOn 8 (September 20-21)

To share our experience and to advance development discussions

Igalia 12/09/2017

Igalia at IBC2017 (Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 15-19)

Don't miss our demos and talks!