Latest Updates

Igalia 23/03/2018

Igalia expands scope of high-performance network function development services

New in 2018: VPP, multicore YANG-driven Snabb, L7 firewall, IPFIX exporter

Igalia 23/03/2018

Meet Igalia at the Open Networking Summit 2018

Meet us at ONS 2018 in Los Angeles, March 26-29!

Igalia 22/03/2018

10 years of collaboration with NGOs

A milestone in our commitment to making the world a better place

Igalia 15/03/2018

Igalia at the GDC conference in San Francisco

Interested in Vulkan and OpenGL? Reach out to us

Igalia 12/03/2018

Igalia at the Embedded Linux Conference in Portland

Sponsor for the fourth year in a row!

Igalia 12/03/2018

Three new Igalians on board!

Welcome to Igalia

Igalia 09/03/2018

Intel Mesa driver for Linux now conforms to Vulkan 1.1 Specification

The Linux implementation is up-to-date with the latest version of the Vulkan specification!

Igalia 22/02/2018

Igalia at the Embedded World 2018 next week

Don't miss our Chromium on Wayland demo!

Igalia 20/02/2018

Igalia at the Mobile World Congress 2018

Let's meet in Barcelona next week

Igalia 14/02/2018

Apply for the Igalia Coding Experience Program!

Great opportunity to work on cool open source projects