Latest Updates

Igalia 29/11/2018

Another Igalian on board!

Arcady Goldmints-Orlov joins Igalia

Igalia 08/11/2018

Igalia's Chromium team continues to grow

Welcoming our newest Chromium hackers!

Igalia 15/10/2018

Conference season is upon us

Igalia to sponsor ELC-EU, AGL AMM and TPAC 2018

Igalia 11/10/2018

X.Org Developer's Conference 2018 videos available online

Igalia sponsored the conference as Platinum sponsor!

Igalia 25/09/2018

Igalia sponsors Open Networking Summit Europe

We are excited to announce that Igalia will be attending ONS in Amsterdam, September 25 - 27

Igalia 07/08/2018

WebRTC support in WebKit!

WebKitGTK+ and WPE now use libwebrtc to provide WebRTC support

Igalia 07/08/2018

More owners in Chromium!

Three more Igalians will maintain several areas of Chromium code

Igalia 02/08/2018

Abhijeet joins Igalia

Welcome to Igalia!

Igalia 26/07/2018

The latest news on HTML5 Accessibility

Accessible Rich Internet Applications 1.2 suite has been published