Latest Updates

Igalia 21/05/2019

The 25th Biannual Igalia Summit Will Take Place in May!

Igalians will gather in Galicia

Igalia 14/05/2019

Igalia’s 2019 Coding Experience

Igalia is looking for candidates for its 2019 Coding Experience Program

Igalia 07/05/2019

May 2019 Events

Upcoming Events for Igalia

Igalia 30/04/2019

AGL Meeting May 7-9

AGL meeting hosted by Igalia May 7-9

Igalia 08/04/2019


Join us in Toronto for BlinkOn 10 April 9-10

Igalia 28/03/2019

April 2019 Events

Igalians are on the move in April!

Igalia 15/02/2019

MathML Project Launch

Igalia has begun implementing MathML

Igalia 12/02/2019

Igalia members attended FOSDEM 2019

Highlights and Video links for the FOSDEM 2019 talks presented by Igalia

Igalia 29/01/2019

Igalia will attend several events in Q1 2019

Please look for us at the following events

Igalia 03/01/2019

Igalia to attend CES Las Vegas 2019

Join us at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV January 8th to January 11th