Welcome to Igalia Alicia, Charlie and Eleni!

Igalia is excited to welcome Alicia Boya, Charlie Turner and Eleni Maria Stea as new members of our development team!

Alicia is joining our browser team as she has valuable experience in web platform APIs, having worked in the implementation of the SVG2 stroke implementation in Inkscape. She also enjoys participating in open source projects and has experience in many areas of computing including web development, computer graphics, networks and security.

Charlie is joining our multimedia team to work on improving the integration of GStreamer inside WebKit. He has  experience in GStreamer and LLVM. He is a free software enthusiast and loves taking part in collaborative communities.

Eleni is an expert in graphics and visual technologies with extensive experience in the development of Ubuntu's graphics stack, including Nux (the OpenGL UI toolkit), Compiz (the compositor), Mir (a window system), the Unity desktop and more. Her strong background in graphics and 3D APIs makes her a great addition to Igalia. 

We are very happy to have them with us and look forward to their awesome work. 

Welcome to Igalia and happy hacking!