Let's make the tech world a better place for everyone

A very important belief that all Igalians share is that technology should be accessible to everyone, and one of the ways for achieving this is through a more inclusive and open working environment both inside and outside Igalia. 

Our plan for putting our beliefs into practice includes a hiring process that gives equal opportunity to people from all backgrounds, sponsorship of conferences that support a more inclusive future, and by contributing our technical expertise to the development of accessibility technology that addresses the problems that marginalized groups face.

This year, we have sponsored Linux Foundation's Open Source Summit North America and Europe that co-located Diversity Summits. We are also very excited to sponsor AlterConf 2017 this coming December 10th in San Francisco. Both Diversity Summit and AlterConf's vision aligns well with Igalia's commitment to diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, especially in open source communities. 

We encourage our clients, partners, employees, and fellow members of the open source community to join us on this journey of making the tech world a better place for everyone.