The Linux implementation is up-to-date with the latest version of the OpenGL specification!

The Intel Mesa driver for Linux now officially conforms with the Khronos' OpenGL 4.6 Adopters Program, a certification program by which the OpenGL Working Group reviews and approves OpenGL products.

Intel Mesa for Linux and NVIDIA for Windows are the first drivers to obtain this certification, which they obtained on the same day the conformance program was announced.

We are very proud of this achievement, first because it means an end to the days when Linux implementations lagged behind the ones from other platforms. In addition, Intel and Igalia have been collaborating closely with the goal of making open source drivers better for everyone. We really appreciate the impressive efforts that Intel has made along with our own team in order to make this a reality.

Igalia is currently working with Intel on incorporating all the remaining fixes in the conformant driver into upstream Mesa. This notably includes includes the remaining bits of the of the GL_ARB_gl_spirv extension, an important addition to OpenGL 4.6 core that allows OpenGL applications to consume SPIR-V shaders. For more information on the Intel Mesa driver and the Khronos conformance program, please visit Iago's blog, or if you are attending FOSDEM 2018, make sure not to miss Alejandro's talk on February 3rd, where you can learn more about the GL_ARB_gl_spirv work in person.