ATK and AT-SPI2 are the core accessibility technologies on GNOME and Igalia helps in their improvement as part of its commitment with the community. The event will take place in Coruña on May 9th to 13th.

The next GNOME hackfest will take place next week in Coruña at the Igalia offices.

Starting on Monday 9th, this 5 day event will focus on improving ATK (Gnome Accessibility Toolkit) and AT-SPI (Assistive Technologies Service Interface). The core accessibility technologies for GNOME and the Linux environment in general.

Alejandro Piñeiro in Clutter and the GNOME Shell, and Mario Sanchez in WebKitGtk, are two igalians that have been working in accessibility in GNOME lately. They will participate in the event and help other fellow participants, as Igalia is organising the hackfest in their premises at Coruña.

Besides GNOME Foundation and Igalia, also GPUL and Xunta de Galicia are sponsoring this event. For more info read the hackfest page in the GNOME wiki, or contact Alejandro directly.