Igalia participates in the W3C's first Web and Automotive Workshop

The W3C's first Web and Automotive Workshop, Shift into High Gear on the Web, is taking place in Rome this week. Invited participants from a variety of industries will be sharing their perspective and vision for the "connected car" on topics such as:

  • Putting safety first
  • Relationship between the car and the mobile phone
  • Creating markets for automotive applications
  • Improving quality and reducing costs through Web technologies
  • Unique opportunities for the automotive user experience

Igalia's Alejandro Piñeiro will present "Achieving a Safe and Seamless User Experience Through Accessible Web Applications," in which he explains how existing accessibility-based solutions can improve safety by providing hands- and eyes-free device interaction.

The slides for Alejandro's presentation will be made available by the W3C and on www.igalia.com/accessibility.