With summer over and GNOME 3.6 nearly out the door, many of us are putting our pencils down, picking our suitcases up, and heading to some exciting events.

Randa Sprint

The KDE Community is having their annual Randa Sprint 21-27 September. Alejandro Piñeiro will be working with their Accessibility group as part of the ongoing GNOME-KDE collaboration to improve and increase the number of accessible Free Software solutions.

Grace Hopper Open Source Day

On 6 October, following the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, there will be an Open Source Day in which participants spend a full day coding for one of several humanitarian causes. Joanmarie Diggs and Western New England University's Heidi Ellis will be co-leading the Day's project for GNOME Accessibility.

Boston Summit

Xan López and Alejandro Piñeiro will be at GNOME's Boston Summit 6-8 October to GetThingsDone(tm) in preparation for GNOME 3.8. Since this year's Boston Summit is once again in the Boston area, Joanmarie plans to hurry home and join them on the 7th and 8th.

Libre Software World Conference

As one of the member companies of AGASOL, Igalia is helping with the organization of this year's Libre Sofware World Conference which will be held on 18-19 October in Santiago de Compostela. Because the speaker list is looking impressive and the event is so close to home, quite a few Igalians are expected to attend.

LinuxCon Europe

LinuxCon Europe is in Barcelona on 5-7 November, and we will be too. Alberto Garcia will present "Developing and Testing Industrial Hardware With QEMU" on the 5th, and Juan A. Suárez will present "Grilo: Easy Access to Online Multimedia Content" on the 6th. Igalia will also have a booth and quite a few of us will be in attendance.

We look forward to seeing you in sessions, at exhibits, and in the hallways this fall.