Join us in this exciting journey and become a sponsor!

We are launching today a fundraising project that aims to implement MathML in Chromium. 

MathML is a W3C standard for mathematical and scientific content, already included in ISO/IEC, HTML5, ebook and office formats. It has been already successfully implemented in Firefox and in WebKit-based browsers (e.g. Safari).

By adding MathML support to Chromium, all open source browsers will have this feature and nearly 80% of desktop users and over 94% of smartphone users will have access to math content rendered by MathML. This is indeed an exciting news for students, teachers, users, companies and organizations that need high-quality math content. 

Igalia developers, who have been involved in the MathML implementation in WebKit and Firefox and who have an extensive experience in designing feature implementations aligned with Google’s plans for Chromium, will be in charge of the development. 

We believe joint efforts are needed to push the project forward as it will require a substantial amount of development work. This is the reason we would like to ask companies and organizations interested in the project to join us and become an official sponsor so that everyone can benefit from the MathML standard. We would also thank you if you shared this good news and let people know about the campaign! 

For more details, visit MathML in Chromium project's official website.