Xan López

Vigo (Spain)

Hacker at Igalia since February 2009

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Xan López 04/12/2011

A new design for Epiphany: Web

As you might have heard in many other places a bunch of GNOME and WebKit hackers have met in rainy Coruña for the 3rd WebKitGTK+ hackfest. Many things have been discussed, but today I’m going to give a sneak preview of the new design for Epiphany...

Xan López 19/10/2011

The next million apps

A few months ago the Apple Store accumulated more than 500,000 approved applications available for download. This is a very remarkable fact for a relatively new platform using somewhat obscure technologies. It is, also, a very profitable situation for...

Xan López 07/09/2011

Joanmarie Diggs joins Igalia

As announced by the fearless accessibility leader himself Joanmarie Diggs will be joining Igalia. I just want to direct your attention to one tiny detail. From this: To this: in less than 4 hours. We are just that cool. Welcome Joanie!

Xan López 31/08/2011

Web application mode in GNOME 3.2

If you attended either of my talks at the Desktop Summit or COSCUP (or both! Although I think only the British Citizen Bastien Nocera might have done so, assuming he was sober enough to go to the former) you might remember my somewhat failed attempts at...

Xan López 18/06/2011

It’s all in the small things

A long time ago, in a book whose title I have forgotten, I read something that went like: Alice: Oh, there’s problems in our relationship, but it’s nothing. Just small things that annoy me. Bob: Then there’s nothing to be done. Small...


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Changeset [148665]: [GTK] When the WebProcess crashes, a signal should be emitted ...

[GTK] When the WebProcess crashes, a signal should be emitted ​https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=105180 Reviewed Carlos Garcia Campos. Emit a "web-process-crashed" signal when the WebProcess crashes. This is useful, for example, to show an...

Xan López18/04/2013

configure.ac: depend on libsoup 2.42.1

Fixes a giant memory leak.

Xan López16/04/2013

ephy-encoding-dialog: use the right signal to track load status

There's no notify::load-status in WebKit2

Xan López26/03/2013

ephy-web-view: restore zoom level on load started

This seems to work much better, although it makes the zoom level be wrong when *leaving pages* in some cases. Still, an improvement, so let's do this for now. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=693951

Xan López25/03/2013